What do I write about in my blog?  That is a frequent question I hear from home stagers when we talk about their website.  That question is often the reason many home stagers put off starting their blog.

The truth is that blog topics for home staging websites are right in front of you.  Ideas are presented to you every day, with everything you do, and with everyone you speak with.

In this article, I will not only provide you with a list of blog topics to write about, but also how to come up with more blog topics on your own.

First things first, let’s talk briefly about why blogging is important.

Three Reasons that Blogging is Important

Blogging isn’t just for millennials, people who want to share recipes, and mommy bloggers anymore.  Blogging is important for any business with a website, including home stagers.  Actually, blogging is important especially for home stagers.

Here are a three reasons blogging is important for your home staging business.

One reason is that your blog provides valuable information to your website visitors.  Hopefully this blog that you’re currently reading provides valuable website information to you, my website visitor.  Your blog would provide valuable home staging information to your visitors.

Another reason is that your blog helps your website’s SEO (search engine optimization).  Good SEO means that your website will show up in Google when someone searches for something relevant to your business.  Your blog tells Google what your website is all about, and your blog provides a broader range of search terms for your website to show up in Google searches.  If you have heard the phrase “content is king”, your blog will be a significant part of your website’s content.

A third reason is that your blog shows that you are the authority of home staging in your service area.  Consider you are trying to decide between two plumbers: One has a basic website that says what they do and how to contact them (just like most home stager’s websites).  The other has that same type of information, but also a blog that explains what is unsafe to put down the drain, how to fix a running toilet, and other helpful plumbing information.  Which plumber sounds more like the expert that you would like to work with?  That’s called a rhetorical question, by the way.

There are a lot more reasons that blogging is important, but we’re stopping at three today.  If you want more convincing that you should be blogging, you can check out our post 5 Reasons Home Stagers Need to Blog (that’s right, 2 whole reasons more!).

Now that you some of the main reasons that blogging is important, what the heck do you write about?

Topic Ideas for Your Home Staging Blog

Home stagers are lucky, because there are so many topics to write about for your blog.  Believe it!  Home staging is becoming more known and accepted as a need, thanks to HGTV and other networks.  Unfortunately, because of HGTV, there is a lot of misinformation about home staging.

Here are some ideas of how to educated your readers about home staging.

Ideas of how to educate with your blog

Why home staging is important in <your town>

Let’s start with the basics!  This topic not only explains home staging and the importance of it, but also allows you to customize the information to your area.

How much home staging typically costs

Every home stager has had to justify their costs at one point or another.  Unfortunately, HGTV makes home staging look easy, and the prices they show are often misrepresented.  This topic will bring some reality to someone considering home staging.

What a home staging consultation provides

Many homeowners don’t realize that a consultation is even an option.  You can educate about what a consultation is, and how it might be the right choice for some homeowners.

Home staging statistics, such as time on market, average sale price increase, and any other valuable insights

Some people need facts and statistics to be convinced of the need of a home stager.  “I will help sell your home faster and for more money” rings hollow and every home stager repeats those meaningless words.  You have access to home staging statistics, so use them to justify the importance of home staging.

How to prepare a house for home staging

Now we’re getting into the process of home staging.  What does the reader of your blog need to do to prep for a home stager?  Trust me, people are Googling that topic. Talk about your expectations from personal experience.

What it’s like to have a home stager’s furniture and accessories in your house

Set expectations for the homeowner.  Many homeowners don’t know much about home staging, and this is a basic question that many of them have.

Why it’s important to remove or hide personalized items when selling a house

Homeowners have heard this, but may not know the reason why and they need an expert (ahem, that would be you) to explain the reason.  Their Realtor may or may not have told them this, but you are an expert on how to stage their home.

Why it’s important to remove or lock up valuable items when selling a house

Although this is seemingly trivial, many home stagers and Realtors have had clients whose property was stolen during showings, open houses, or by any number of people who go through their house during the entire process.

Is a Realtor that says they are a home stager really going to provide good home staging?

This helps you sell your expertise.  An average Realtor probably isn’t a very good home stager, regardless if they say they are.  You are the expert, and you can explain why.

What home staging certifications mean

Some home stagers have so many letters on their business card, it looks like they went to med school and law school.  Do you think they mean anything to the average homeowner or Realtor?  Those certifications are important, so you can explain how they add value to your client.

Ideas of how to localize with your blog

Home staging projects that you have done in your area

This shows that you have done projects that are relevant to the area, so that you know what it takes to make properties in your area sell.  Talk about the most fascinating homes, the projects that had the biggest challenges, or any project that would be interesting to your reader.  Make sure to use the town name and even the neighborhood.

Cool furniture or decorations at a local restaurant

This is a fun topic that you could do for as many restaurants near you that you like.  You can also provide a review of the restaurant and take pictures.  Link to the restaurant’s website and tell the restaurant that you wrote an article about them.  This provides local SEO, goodwill, and it’s fun to write about.

Boutique stores that have cool furniture and accessories in your area

This is another fun topic that you could do for as many stores as you like.  Take pictures, and explain why their inventory would be great for home staging.  Link to the store’s website and tell the store that you wrote an article about them.  This provides local SEO, goodwill, and it’s fun to write about.

Styles of your area

Are there trends that you are noticing locally?  Are there national trends that your website visitors would be interested in learning about?  Prove your expertise, and provide value of how to help potential clients.

Ideas for how to come up with more topics for your blog

The ideas listed above are a good start.  But what do you write about after you are done with those?  What if some of them aren’t right for your specific business?

You will eventually need to come up with your own blog topics.  Here are three methods to find topics to write about:

  1. Go through your emails.  What questions have your clients and potential clients emailed you about?  If you have written a response, then you can easily turn this into a blog post.  If one person asked, then chances are that a lot of people are Googling the same question.
  2. Go through your notes.  What questions have your clients and potential clients talked about in person or over the phone?  Again, if one person asked, then a lot of people are Googling the same question.
  3. Go through your contracts and proposals.  What have you had to specifically put in your contracts or proposals to ensure your clients are clear on the process and scope of work?  You had to put that information into a document for a reason, so that means that many people are curious or have a misunderstanding about the topic.

Your blog is an opportunity to answer questions.  Your clients have asked you questions, and these questions provide the best topics to write about.  This blog article about “blog topics” is a question that I have heard from many home stagers.

When brainstorming ideas for your blog, keep in mind that what you write about should fit into these categories:

  1. Relevant to your business.  Your blog isn’t Facebook, so this isn’t the place to write an entire article about how proud you are of your kids.  However, mentioning that you liked the furniture at the ice cream store you went to with the family after your kid scored the winning goal in soccer gives your blog some personality, and allows you to brag at the same time.
  2. Informative to your website visitors.  Your blog should provide value to the person reading it.
  3. Local or niche related information.  You want people who are potential clients to read your blog, so make it local and about the type of work you do.  If you stage beach front property, don’t write about color trends for condos in the city.

Final Thoughts on Blog Topic Ideas for Home Stagers

Writing a blog is important for the home stager who wants to provide value to their website visitors, and wants their website to show up in more Google searches.

However, many home stagers find it a challenge to come up with ideas to write about.  Fortunately, your clients and potential clients are an endless source of ideas.

Keep a list of blog topic ideas.  Every time someone asks you a questions about home staging, write it down.  Every time you explain a process, or a trend, or anything about home staging, write it down.

Soon enough, your challenge will be which of your many topics to write about.

Good luck with your blogging!

If you need a website so that you can start your own blog, we can help.  We have website templates and make custom websites for home stagers on WordPress so that you can start using these blog ideas.  Contact us today!


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