If you are going to the RESA Convention 2017, Stager Sidekick wants to meet you!

Hi, I’m Mike from Stager Sidekick.  I am going to be in Las Vegas during the RESA Convention.  Although I won’t be at the actual conference, I am planning to be at The M during the day.  Maybe I’ll be working from a coffee shop at The M, maybe a conference room, or maybe a bar … it is Vegas, by the way.  At night, you can find me at any of the places on my Top 11 list of things to do in Vegas during the RESA Convention after the show.

Why would you want to meet Stager Sidekick during the RESA Convention?

Mike and Jen just married at Caesars Palace by Elvis

You may want to meet us if you…

…want to talk about things to do in Las Vegas.  I love Las Vegas!  (That’s a picture of me and my wife getting married by Elvis in the Rain Man Suite at Caesars Palace – it doesn’t get more Vegas than that!)

…want to talk about marketing for your home staging business?  I love marketing!

…want to talk about your website for your home staging business?  I love talking about websites!

…want to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your home staging website?  I love SEO!

…want to talk about website hosting, and how the hosting that we use compares to the hosting that most home stagers use?  I love website hosting!

…want to just say “hi.”

Heck, we can talk about anything you want, but I am really interested in learning about you and your home staging business.

Let me know if you are going to be at the RESA Convention in the form below, and the easiest way to connect.  Hopefully we can set up a time to meet!

Viva Las Vegas!

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