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For the New Home Stager

The Starter Sidekick website is perfect for you.

  • One page website
  • Modern and professional
  • Easy to use
  • Hosting included
  • Low investment

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For the Established Home Stager

The Professional Sidekick website is perfect for you.

  • Multiple page website
  • Showcases your great work
  • Easy to add your latest pictures
  • Hosting included
  • Affordable investment

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For the Home Staging Business

The Custom Sidekick website is perfect for you.

  • Custom website
  • Designed around your needs
  • For staging businesses, Realtors, etc.
  • Hosting included
  • Worth every penny

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Why Should You Choose Stager Sidekick?

Is your current website…

…old, dated looking, or professional?

…difficult to update with new pictures?

…something you are hesitant to show potential clients?

We can help…

…build the new website you have been wanting.

…new home stagers get their first website.

…provide your business with the curb appeal it deserves!

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3 simple steps to your new website

1. You fill out the Contact Us form to let us know you are considering a new website.

2. We’ll call you to understand your needs … every home stager is different, and we want to learn what makes you unique.

3. We’ll get to work on your new website.  It can be completed and launched to the internet as quickly as one week!

34% of Realtors stage every home that they list.*

Do you have a website to promote your work?

*National Association of Realtors, 2015 Profile of Home Staging

What do you get from Stager Sidekick?

Modern and Elegant Website

Your website should be as elegant as the homes that you stage.  Do you want to send prospective clients to a dated website?  You don’t have to with Stager Sidekick!

Easy to use
Your website from Stager Sidekick will be easy to use.  You will be able to easily change text on your website, and easily upload new photos to your online portfolio.  Spend your time home staging, not trying to figure out how to format pictures.
Support for any questions
We won’t drop your website in your lap, and wish you good luck.  We are here for you!  Have a question about your website?  Send us an email, and we are real life people who will help you out.
Submitted to Google

We submit your website to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and most other search engines. This is important if you want your websites to get found on Google.

Did you know that it takes months (more months than you think) for Google to finally learn what your website is about? The content on your website is the most important factor in SEO, but we provide this critical first step.

Do other website developers do this for you? Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and other DIY website builders certainly don’t. But we do!

Technical maintenance

Did you know that websites need to have their CMS and plug-ins updated regularly for security and performance updates?  Yep.  Do you want to be updating them?  Probably not.  So Stager Sidekick makes sure your website is always updated, and that the updates work too.

Blazing fast website
What is worse than a slow website?  We don’t know, because we make them fast!  Your website is hosted on a virtual private server, or VPS, provding the fastest hosting for your money.  (if you don’t know what hosting means, don’t worry, because we do).

All pictures that you load are automatically optimized for website performance.  Have you ever been to another home stager’s website where you have to wait seconds for the pictures to appear.  How annoying!  That won’t happen with your website from Stager Sidekick.

Technical skills not required
Do these words make you nervous: plugins, hosting, WordPress, php, css, SEO, SERP?  We not only love those words, but we know what they all mean!  With your website from us, you won’t even need to think about them (although we’ll give you tips on how to improve you SEO to help your SERP).
All for a reasonable cost

How much is a new client generated from your website worth to your business?  How valuable is it to send a prospective client to your website, and be confident they will have a great first impression of your business?

Your website from Stager Sidekick will be modern and elegant, always up to date, requiring no technical skills, while we provide you support, on blazing fast hosting.  Yes, you get ALL of that, and for a reasonable cost.

We don’t charge the big bucks that fancy website designers do.  We’re not cheap like the do-it-yourself services either.  Even though your website will be amazing, our pricing is just right for home stagers who care about their business.

Check out our Features and Pricing page.

We are Stager Sidekick

And we understand that starting a career in Home Staging can seem overwhelming.

But where do you start? Where should you get trained and certified? Is all training the same? How do you get a website? Aren’t websites expensive?

Whether you are a new home stager who needs training, certification and a professional website. Or an established home stager who needs to improve their web presence to better showcase their work.

Stager Sidekick is here to help you!

Want to learn more?  Just send us some basic information, and we will be in touch soon to let you know how we can help your home staging business!

~ Stager Sidekick

90% of home shoppers can’t visualize a home that isn’t staged.*

Your potential clients can’t visualize your work without a stunning website

* Source: Everyone

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