A Few Words About Stager Sidekick

Home staging is important.  It helps home buyers visualize how they would live in the home.  It helps homeowners get more value from their home.  And it helps Realtors provide a valuable service to their clients and the home buyer.  But you knew that already.

Home staging ensures the home has great curb appeal.  Unfortunately, most home stagers don’t ensure that their own business has good curb appeal.

Your website is the curb appeal for your business.  A website is often a potential client’s first interaction with your home staging business.

If a website is the first introduction to the home stager’s business, then why do so many home stagers’ websites have terrible curb appeal?  That just doesn’t make sense!

Do any of these describe your website?

  • Your website looks old.
  • Your website loads slowly, especially the pages with lots of pictures.
  • Your website doesn’t have many pictures of your work, because it’s just too hard to load and organize them.
  • Your website is hard to update.
  • Your website doesn’t get found in Google.
  • You just don’t like your website, but don’t know how to get a new one.

Stager Sidekick understands your challenges, and is here to help.

We build websites and offer proven website templates for home stagers.

We understand the home staging industry and the needs of a home stager’s website.

We understand that you are a home stager, and don’t have time to struggle building a website, figuring out how to make changes to your website, or load and label new pictures of your work to your website.

We make the process of getting a website as easy as possible for the home stager.  And your website from Stager Sidekick will be good.  Really good:

  • Your new website will look modern, and have modern functionality.
  • Your new website will load fast, real fast.
  • Your new website will be easy for you to load and label pictures of your work.
  • Your new website will be easy to update.  Do you know how to use Word?  Then you can update your new website.
  • Your new website will be Google friendly, and we will train you on how you can give your new website good SEO.
  • We can tell you how many visitors your new website gets, and where they came from.
  • We make the process easy for you from start to finish, and you will be pleased with your new website.

Why do we do this?

We found that there just aren’t many good options for home stagers to get a website.  It’s not good when your three choices are to struggle making your own website, buy a cheap and low quality website, or spend way too much to get a decent looking website made by someone who knows nothing about the home staging industry.

Stager Sidekick is now your fourth choice.  We offer reasonably priced website templates and customer design websites for home stagers that are really good.  Period.

Not only that, but we take care of the hosting, make sure it is secure, back it up, and basically take care of all the technical stuff so even the least tech savvy home stager gets a high quality website.

If you need a new website, we would love to talk to you to tell you how we can help!

Mike – The Stager Sidekick

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