Does a home staging business need to have a website?  Yes!  A website is critical for your home staging business.  Just ask anyone who needs a home stager and turns to Google for help.

Does the home stager’s website need to be good?  Absolutely!  Even though “good” is a subjective term, here at Stager Sidekick we like to say a home stager’s website needs good curb appeal.

Out of the dozens of reasons your home staging business needs a good website, we’ll just explain the Top 3 reasons.

Reason 1. A website lets clients and potential clients learn about you

When your friend suggests you try out a great restaurant they just went to, you go to the restaurant’s website, right?  You want to see pictures, check out the menu, and read the prices.  What if the restaurant didn’t have a website?  You would have to trust your friend’s opinion… yikes!  Or even worse for the restaurant is that you might go to Yelp, and get a craving for a different restaurant that has more stars.  Every single restaurant has a website, just for those reasons.

You run a home staging business, not a restaurant.  But the analogy should be clear.

People want to learn about you, about your business, see pictures, and maybe even see how much you charge.  Everyone expects to find this information on your website, just like you expect to find information about a restaurant on the restaurant’s website.

A website has a lot more detail than your business card.  Your website gives you the opportunity to tell your story about how you got into home staging, why you love helping your clients, your experience, and your expertise.  You will also be able to list all of your certifications and organizations that you belong to, in order to give you more credibility.

Your website should have your portfolio, so clients and potential clients can see your work.  How do they know you do good work if you don’t show them?  Because they should just trust you?  Your website is the first place that you need to prove that you have the expertise and the experience they are looking for.

Reason 2.  A website generates business for you… even while you sleep!

Who doesn’t want to make money while they sleep?  You can, and we’ll tell you how.

Everyone uses Google, Yahoo, Bing or some other search engine.  You want your website to appear when people search for “home stager in <your area>”.  Those are the people that are clearly in need of a home stager.  They are going to be some home stager’s client.  You want them to be your client.

In order for you to have a chance of having this person as a client, they need to be able to find your website when they search Google for a home stager in your area.

Your website can only get found on Google if it has good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so it gets listed high in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  These are terms you may have heard before, but they basically mean that your website shows up when people search for it.  Good SEO is partly up to your website developer, and mostly up to you*.

Here’s the best part!  Your website is always working, even when you’re not.  Everyone has Google at their fingertips, and your website is always open.  For example, a homeowner who needs a home stager may have a full time job and a family, so they can only search for a home stager late at night.  That homeowner is Googling home stagers, and will find your website, learn about your business, and become convinced they want you to stage their home.  All of this could be, and will be happening while you sleep!

Isn’t your website great?

Reason 3. Every other home stager has a website

Some home stagers think having a website is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  While some others think that having a website is a necessary evil to do business.

Regardless of your feelings about websites, It’s not the 1990s anymore.  If you don’t have a website, then people may not consider your home staging business to be legitimate.  If you don’t care enough about your business to have a professional website, then why would a prospective client think that you would put care and professionalism into their home staging job?

Consider the possibility of that potential client trying to decide between the home stager without a website (or one that just looks old) and the home stager who has a professional, modern website.  All else being equal, that potential client will probably go with the stager that has a good website, because they can learn about them, see their work, and be confident that they take their business more seriously.

Final Thoughts On The Need To Have A Website

Every business nowadays needs to have a website.  Can you think of any type of company that wouldn’t need one?  Is there any business or service that you have used recently that doesn’t have a website?

A home stager needs a website too.  Your website will let people learn about your business.  A website with good SEO will get found by people searching the internet for a home stager 24 hours a day.  A website that is professional will set you apart from all of the other home stagers with old or bargain basement websites.

If you need a website, or you’re not completely pleased with your current website, Stager Sidekick can help.  We make websites for home stagers.  Your website will be modern, professional, easy to use, and have good SEO.

* We DON’T recommend services that promise great SEO.

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