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In this bonus episode, I share a discussion I led at the June 2018 meeting of BIRC (Boston IAHSP Regional Chapter). This discussion was about the Hub & Spoke model for a home stager’s marketing.

You can click the play button on the image above to watch the video. Below is an outline of the transcript from the video.

Transcript Outline for this Bonus Episode of the Home Stager Marketing Show

Hub & Spoke Strategy for a Home Stager’s Marketing


A home stager’s marketing plan is most easily illustrated as a Hub & Spoke model. Whether you know it or not, the way you market your business likely fits into the hub & spoke model.

The purpose of this discussion is to illustrate the hub & spoke model, explain each of the components, and show how you can enhance your current marketing with a few simple tips within the model.

The Hub of the Hub & Spoke

Your website.

Your website offers the curb appeal to your home staging business. Your website is also the most comprehensive component of your marketing strategy for potential clients to learn about you and to generate leads.

The Spokes of the Hub & Spoke

Spoke 1. Newsletter

An email newsletter to your list of clients and potential clients will provide them with valuable information, give them something worthwhile to forward to potential referrals, and keep your business top of mind the next time they need a home stager.

The newsletter spoke sends people to your website to learn more about your business. Additionally, people who fill out a contact form on your website get added to your newsletter list.

Spoke 2. Social Media

Social media updates your followers in real time. It also allows people to view your profile to see previous posts that you have made.

The social media spoke sends your friends and followers to your website to learn more about your business. Additionally, people who visit your website will find links to your social media accounts to be able to follow you.

Spoke 3. Networking

Networking is a one on one interaction to allow you to directly market with a specific group of people.

The networking spoke allows you to refer people to your website to learn more. There is only so much you can explain in an “elevator pitch”, and people like to visualize your work by visiting your portfolio.

Spoke 4. Business Cards

Almost a necessary evil, business cards provide very little marketing for your business. However, they are a physical item that you can provide prospective clients that has the basic information about your business.

The business card spoke sends people to your website to learn more about your business. It also provides the holder of the card a way to call or email you, but sometimes people like to visit websites to learn more about a business before reaching out.

Spoke 5. Appreciation

Showing appreciation to your clients for giving you their business, and sending a small token to a prospective client is very powerful. This can be as simple as a thank you card, or even a physical gift. You will obviously let the recipient know who this form of appreciation came from, but it is also an opportunity to print your contact information and website address.

The appreciation spoke let’s the recipient know that you care about the business they gave you, or appreciate something else the person did. Since you are now on their mind, they will likely reach out to you, or visit your website to see what your business has been doing.

Spoke 6. Miscellaneous

There are many other forms of marketing that could be included as a spoke. The include trade shows, adding your name to home staging directories, and many more.

Anything in this miscellaneous spoke provides you the opportunity to send someone to your website to learn more about your business.


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