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My name is Mike, and I am the Stager Sidekick.

In this episode, I will explain the four reasons that your home staging business needs a website. You probably already know that you need a website. However, you may not have have given thought to exactly why you need one. The goal of this episode is to bring clarity for the need for a website, and motivation to ensure that your website is great.

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Transcript Outline for Episode 2 of the Home Stager Marketing Show.

Why Your Home Staging Business Needs a Website


Reason 1. Every business has a website.

How often do you use a business or service that doesn’t have a website? If you are like most people, probably not too much. Most people like to go to a business’ website to learn about that business before choosing to use them.

If a business doesn’t have a website, does that business even exist?  Well, sure it exists, but we have come to expect that every business will have a website, so not having one throws a red flag.

Reason 2. For your potential clients.

Your potential clients want to learn:

  • about your business – Your website needs to provide an overview of your business to potential clients.
  • about your services – Do you provide the type of home staging service that those potential clients need?
  • about your service area – Your potential clients need to know if you service the area where their property is located.
  • about you – They’re letting you into their home (or their client’s home) and entrusting you with their (or their client’s) most valuable possession, so they need to know, like, and trust you.

Reason 3. To provide value to your website visitors

You know a lot about home staging. Most people don’t know as much as you do. Your website is your opportunity to educate:

  • Create a blog or videos to explain home staging
  • Educating proves that you are the home staging expert
  • People want to work with the expert

Reason 4. To provide value to your home staging business

A good website will generate leads for your business. If your website shows that you provide the type of service the potential client needs in the area that they live, they are likely to contact you to become a quality lead.

An excellent website will turn leads into clients. if your website shows that you are the expert and provides the visitor with value, they will want to hire you.


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