How do you know if Stager Sidekick is right for you?

You are probably a very good home stager.   You are able to turn the biggest eye-sore of a space into a home that buyers are fighting over.  Realtors, developers, and home sellers need a home stager like you.

But do you have the marketing tools for them to find you?  Do they know you exist?  Does your marketing give them any reason to call you?

We understand you have priorities

The first love for home stagers is actually staging homes.  Marketing yourself and your business is usually an afterthought, or falls down the task list when you have homes to stage, furniture to buy, and a business to run.  And the moment someone mentions the word “website” you feel that bead of sweat on your forehead.

Does that sound like you?

Maybe you don’t have a website for your home staging business.  Or maybe you do have one, but the design is old, or it is cumbersome to use, or it doesn’t show up in Google, or you’re embarrassed to send people to it.

We build websites for home stagers like you

Stager Sidekick will make a beautiful website for you so you can focus on your home staging business.  You will get a complete website delivered to you.  With our hosting package, you won’t even need to worry about hosting it, whatever that means (don’t worry…because we know what hosting means).

Websites are a critical part of marketing these days for any business.  Your home staging website is your online portfolio.  It is where people learn about you and your business.

Here is a sample of what you will get from Stager Sidekick.

  • You will get a complete website, ready to use the day we deliver it to you.
  • Your website from Stager Sidekick will let you showcase the projects in your portfolio.
  • Your website will have all the technical SEO stuff to help people find your business on Google and other search engines.  Ultimately, SEO is depends on how good you make the content on your website, your website will have an SEO advantage on the technical side.
  • Your website will invite people to want to contact you for home staging work, and give those people an easy way to do it with your website’s contact forms.
  • Stager Sidekick will have links your social media accounts so visitors can find you and follow you on Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and any other social media channel you use.
  • Your website will be easy to use.  Text will be easy to change.  Photos will be easy to load.  Project portfolios will be easy to update.  Testimonials will be easy to add.
  • Your website will come with our support when you select our support package.  We won’t drop the website in your lap and wish you good luck.  We won’t send you videos or links when you have a problem so you can figure out how to solve it on your own.  We are here for you, every step of the way, with whatever questions you might have.

Want to know what you won’t have to do with Stager Sidekick?

  • You won’t have to figure out how to host a website.
  • You won’t have to figure out how get your domain name to connect to the host.
  • You won’t have to figure out how to install WordPress.
  • You won’t have to figure out how get a theme, or even what theme to get.
  • You won’t have to figure out how to make a website.
  • You won’t have to figure out what plugins you need.
  • You won’t have to figure out how to solve technical problems.

Yup, we do that for you.  All of it.

We want to help your home staging business succeed

We know the thought of a website can be overwhelming.  We know that the process of figuring out how to even get one is time consuming.

Does it sound like Stager Sidekick is right for you?

If you want to learn more, then please complete the form on this page and we’ll be in touch soon!  We would love to work with you!


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