Welcome to sixth episode of the Home Stager Marketing Show, brought to you by Stager Sidekick. My name is Mike, and I am the Stager Sidekick. In this episode, I will explain the truth about keywords for your home staging website. You can click the play button on the image above to watch the video. Below is an outline of the transcript from the video.

Transcript Outline for Episode 6 of the Home Stager Marketing Show

The Truth about Keywords for Your Home Staging Website

Home stagers have heard over and over again about the importance of keywords. They have been told that they need keywords. That they need to write down their keywords. They need to include their keywords as much as possible on their website. And if they don’t do this, their website will have terrible SEO and Google will never find it.

I know that these rumors have caused many home stagers anxiety about their website keywords. So much so they give up assuming that keywords and Google success are a mountain that they can’t climb.

I am here to dispel some of the rumors and bad advice, explain the real importance of keywords, and, most importantly, explain what you can do for your website.

Here are the 7 things that you need to include on your website for it to provide good curb appeal for your business.

Don’t do this with Keywords…

Don’t use the practice called “keyword stuffing”. Keyword stuffing means writing your keywords as much as possible on your website, under the assumption that a website with “home stager” written more than another website will rank higher in Google searches.

Google is smart, and recognizes that anyone using keyword stuffing is trying to outsmart Google. Therefor, Google will penalize a website that uses the keyword stuffing strategy. Plus, it just doesn’t provide a great experience for your website visitors.

This is analogous to the home address of the property you are staging.

Home stagers need to do this with keywords…

Write good content on your website. If your content is valuable for your website visitors, it will inherently have the right keywords in the right frequency.

Good content is written in your blog. Google rewards websites that provide value to the visitors they send to websites. You can watch a previous episode about content here.

Good content is the pictures and descriptions in your portfolio. Your portfolio is a powerful way to include keywords, both in the descriptions and alt-tags of your pictures, but also in the written case study for each project. You can read and watch a video about the importance of your portfolio here.


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